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Vine management

Pruning: Once the harvest is completed, from November the winegrowers need to prune the vines. This is one of the most important operations, helping to regulate the growth of the vine to protect it from exhaustion. Pruning the vine aids its development and growth and determines the size and shape of the vine’s structure.
Pruning is regulated. In Champagne, four types of pruning are authorised: Chablis, Royat, Guyot and Vallée de la Marne (similar to Guyot and used only on the Pinot meunier vines).

Training: This operation is carried out while pruning is still being done, in early April. It consists of attaching the vine shoots around the supporting structure using a thin wire protected by paper.

Disbudding: In mid-May, the vine-growers manually remove the buds (or which the French call gourmands) that grow on the old vines and risk taking the sap way from the main buds.

Positioning: By late May, the branches can reach up to 50 cm in length. This is the time to raise them and maintain them in position vertically using ties.

Tying: In June, the branches are separated and put in place using wires and staples. This operation prevents the leaves sticking to each other so they can capture as much sun as possible and are sufficiently ventilated to avoid the grapes rotting.

Trimming: This consists of a summer pruning that begins in late June or early July and continues until the harvests commence.

Harvesting: The grapes are picked in September or October. Harvesting is done manually exclusively.
The grapes are rapidly transported to the pressing centre. The winepresses – 4,000 or 8,000 kg – transform the berries into juice.
The juice is then poured into tanks and following settling, the first fermentation process (alcoholic fermentation) takes place to convert the sugar into alcohol.

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